‘Tis the Season…

Last week we held our annual Lucity holiday lunch here at Lucity HQ. For many of us, this is one of our favorite office traditions. It involves all the usual festivities…a delicious meal, tree trimming, holiday music and a yule log (digital, of course). But the past few years we’ve added another activity to the event…gift wrapping. For the 4th year in a row we’ve raised funds to help give local families a bit of a merrier Christmas. Because 100% of the Lucity team contributed to our adoption campaign, Lucity matched a dollar for every dollar given. This season we “adopted” and provided Christmas gifts and groceries for 4 families! We all loved being part of something so meaningful and fulfilling. There was some creative wrapping necessary for the stuffed toys, some ooooh-ing and aaaaah-ing over the gift selections, and Teresa gave Colin a lesson in wrapping since he hadn’t ever wrapped a gift before! (He was singing the praises of gift bags.)

wrap3There’s so much we could say about the generosity of the Lucity team, and so much we could say about their willingness to rise to the occasion when a need arises. But if you know us and have worked with Lucity staff over the years you already know all about it. So as this year comes to an end, know that we’ll continue to foster that generous spirit in the Lucity team. We’ll keep looking for ways to make a difference, and for ways to lend a hand.

Happy holidays to you all!


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