Lucity Encounters in 2015 >> Beyond ACT and RUGs

Members of our client/partner community are hopefully well aware of the Lucity Annual Conference & Training (ACT), which (per our web site) is “a legendary event for education, networking and relationship-building”. In recent years we’ve supplemented ACT with Regional User Group (RUG) meetings at client sites across the US for the same purposes – education, networking and relationship-building. (Stay tuned for more details for RUG and ACT plans for 2015.) But there are many other Lucity networking and relationship-building opportunities to be aware of coming this year.

Lucity has consistently participated in “trade shows” that enable us to stay in close touch with our target market of US local government agencies and special districts. These shows keep us informed of industry best practices, regulatory requirements, emerging technologies, and other factors that affect the clients we serve. They also give us additional places and times to network and build relationships.

Current plans include our participation in the following shows throughout 2015:

If you and/or your colleagues are planning to attend any of these trade shows, let us know – we’ll identify who will be there from Lucity, and arrange an appointment to meet. We’ll show you the latest-and-greatest with Lucity software, answer questions, provide some pointers, and the like. Often our most productive “sessions” occur after-hours (when our crack staff members like to decompress and exercise their impressive socializing skills), so we’ll also let you know (via #LifeAtLucity on Twitter) where we’ll convene. Come join us – we’d love to see you in 2015!