Staff Spotlight >> Chris Wright

ChrisWChris Wright (@LucityChris)


My job title is…Senior Systems Engineer

But here’s what I really do…Develop integrations for clients to couple other systems to Lucity, create internal applications for Lucity needs (Data Transfers, Licensing programs, Client Information repository, etc), develop import programs, develop database upgrade scripts and processes to patch and upgrade client databases, maintain and troubleshoot legacy applications, configure and monitor database changes and tests as development applies modifications for upcoming releases.

I’m making a difference at Lucity by…considering all sides of a decision so that we ensure our clients’ needs are met with minimal interruptions as possible.  Additionally, I strive to make processes easier for our own staff so they can do their own work more efficiently.

I find my biggest (work-related) challenge to be… Continue reading

Looking Into Lucity >> December’s Issue

Development News >>>

Our development team has been working hard to get in as many improvements to the Lucity software as possible for the Version 2015 Release! But that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about the products that you’re already using. Here’s a look at all the updates:

  • We released iOS 1.41 last month to the Apple app store.
  • We released Service Pack 1 for Release 2014R2 earlier this month.
  • Last week we released a new version of our Android tablet app which allows GIS editing in online mode.

Taking a Closer Look >>>

This month, we’re taking a closer look at some resources you can reference to better utilize your Lucity software. First up, we’ll take a look into the Community Forum in the Lucity Support Center. This is a forum for you, by you, to ask questions and address issues that you, as organizations, share. Next, we’ll take a quick tour of the Help Guide Portal. The help guide portal is where you can find help guides for anything related to the Lucity software: from installing and setting up different products, all the way to what different fields in specific modules are for. This brief introduction will show you how to use the Help Guides to find what you need.

In Case You Missed It Last Month >>>