When Great Minds Come Together…

20150216_140227Earlier this week we closed Lucity Headquarters and dedicated the entire day to a corporate meeting. On paper that sounds like a long, boring day spent guzzling coffee to fight off yawns. But those of us at Lucity know better. Our day included sneak peaks at new software development, speed ‘dating’ at lunch, a taste of what our clients experience during implementation, and it ended with a few intense games of ping pong, darts and pool. You know, just a typical day here at Lucity.

We started strong with a presentation from Nicole Schmidt and Brian Treff (@LucityBrian) of our Product Development team of some exciting new tools we’ll be including in future releases. The Work Order Scheduler tool promises to add efficiency to scheduling and managing crews. We’re freshening up the dashboard and incorporating several administrative tools right into the Home page. There was a huge amount of information covered and fantastic discussion about future development plans too. With both our 20150216_104129Implementation and Development teams in the same room the progress made was impressive. Hearing exactly what you, our users, have asked for is exactly what our Development team needs so they can work to deliver those solutions.

Our Business Development team, led by Jim Graham (@LucityJim) shared some great information about what they’re hearing from potential clients. We are constantly working to balance our users’ enhancement requests with the ever-changing industry, and those future Lucity clients always offer new ideas. Joel Knight and Chris Crupi shared a sample software demonstration (and all the prep work that goes into those demos!), putting all of us into the shoes of a potential Lucity user. Needless to say, we all had our checkbooks out by the end…those guys are pros!

We’re sure you know how proud we are of our Client Services team. Allison Tuttle (@LucityAli) leads this team of implementers and software support experts, and her presentation was impressive…they shared information about h20150216_175722ow successful we are in handling user support ‘tickets’ and wowed us with our 99.9% satisfaction rate! We then got to step into a user’s shoes to see what a typical implementation looks like. Though, as Steve Schultz pointed out, no implementation is typical. Every client has a unique set of needs and wants, so having an Implementation team that can translate those and deliver their ideal solution is so fantastic.20150216_175701

After all that, we headed out for a night of food, drinks, pool/ping pong/darts. We’re so fortunate to work with our friends, aren’t we?

There’s such a tangible benefit to a day spent brainstorming new ideas, fine-tuning our offerings, stepping out of our offices, and getting to know one another better. We’re excited to set our ideas to motion and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to. Stay tuned!

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