Lucity for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch 1.50 Release – GIS Editing and Toolkits

Last week the latest Lucity Mobile version for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch was released to the App Store. It includes two major improvements: GIS feature editing and toolkits.

GIS feature editing is available for clients using the new Lucity GIS feature update model. image1 (4)

Toolkits are available for select modules for clients using Lucity 2014r2 SP1 and higher. The following tools have been released:

In Lucity 2014r2 SP1

  • Change Crew (Work Orders)
  • Add Main Task (Work Orders)
  • Add Multiple….  (Work Order Tasks)
  • Create Inspection (Work Order Asset)
  • Populate Dates and Units (Work Order Tasks)

Lucity 2015

  • Select Street Pavement Inspection Field Distresses tools
  • Select Storm BMP tools
  • Install, Uninstall, Swap Meter tools (Work Orders)
  • Create Work Order From Template (Work Orders)

Lucity 2015 SP1 (coming very soon)

  • Populate Task for Crew (Work Orders)

To request a specific toolkit to be available on the mobile devices, visit our Lucity Listens page dedicated to mobile enhancements. Let us know how we can improve our mobile applications!

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This month we will take a closer look at setting up and using the Lucity Live Work Orders (and requests!) tool with the GIS Desktop and GIS Web interfaces.  This tool can be published along with your existing map service, and gives you the ability to add a Live Work Order or Live Request layer to your users’ maps, so that you can see requests and work orders on the map as they occur.  The video goes over the requirements, setup and use of this tool.

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We’re often asked to provide a release history of the Lucity software. A complete timeline would stretch waaay back to 1986, when Version 1 was released as a collection of focused solutions for wastewater collection system asset management. Perhaps a more meaningful starting point would be 2000, when Version 6 offered a much more comprehensive suite of Public Works software solutions addressing the core functional areas of asset management, work management, inventory control, and GIS (Esri) integration. Even with that, the list of Lucity software releases would be very lengthy and include versions that have long been “retired”.

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