Lucity Software – A Continuous Improvement Process

We’re often asked to provide a release history of the Lucity software. A complete timeline would stretch waaay back to 1986, when Version 1 was released as a collection of focused solutions for wastewater collection system asset management. Perhaps a more meaningful starting point would be 2000, when Version 6 offered a much more comprehensive suite of Public Works software solutions addressing the core functional areas of asset management, work management, inventory control, and GIS (Esri) integration. Even with that, the list of Lucity software releases would be very lengthy and include versions that have long been “retired”.

So what do we provide those asking for the release history? We offer this snapshot…



Version numbers are indicated in the months they were released, and the Service Packs (SPx) are also included. Quite a collection! If you take a look at our Version Support Details, you will see that all of those versions listed are within our top levels of support – “Active” and “Maintenance”.

Keep in mind that with every release, solutions are enhanced and new capabilities added. Those annual fees from our clients’ participation in the Constant Connection Program essentially fund the continued improvement of the Lucity software – better functionality, technology, GIS integration, etc. Enhancement ideas from clients come to our Development team from Lucity Listens, Lucity ACT sessions, and ongoing interactions with Lucity personnel. Keep those coming!

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