Looking Into Lucity >> March’s Issue

Taking a Closer Look: Live Work Orders

This month we will take a closer look at setting up and using the Lucity Live Work Orders (and requests!) tool with the GIS Desktop and GIS Web interfaces.  This tool can be published along with your existing map service, and gives you the ability to add a Live Work Order or Live Request layer to your users’ maps, so that you can see requests and work orders on the map as they occur.  The video goes over the requirements, setup and use of this tool.

Focus On: Upgrade to 2015

Lucity Support Representative Melissa Armstrong (@LucityMelissa) and Account Executive Andrea Fowles (@LucityAndrea) team up this month to provide an in-depth look at the requirements and process for upgrading to 2015, as well as the specific steps followed during upgrading.  This is a useful guide to anyone who is considering upgrading to 2015, or just interested in learning more about the upgrade process itself!

Regional User Group Meetings Start This Month

We’re excited to meet up with clients and partners at our first RUG meeting this month in Florida!  We’ll continue hosting a RUG meeting in each region below over the next couple of months.  Verify your region and register for your area meeting at our RUG Map, (click on the little cluster of people for location and details!). Links to registration pages for each area are below. There’s no cost to attend, and we’ll even feed you lunch! This is a great opportunity to hear about Lucity News and meet your regional representatives, as well as network with other Lucity users in your area!

West: Mountain Region (Arizona) | West (Southern California) | West (Northern California) | Northwest

Central: Midwest | Central (Chicago) | Central (Ohio River Valley)

East: Southeast (Florida) |Southeast (Atlanta)

 In Case You Missed It Last Month

 From the Lucity Blog

Have a suggestion for a topic you would like to see covered next month?  Let us know!

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