National Public Works Week Contest

As those of you in the Public Works world likely know, National Public Works Week is May 17 – 23. This APWA-sponsored event is a celebration of all those who “provide and maintain the infrastructure and services collectively known as public works.”

Here at Lucity, we want to honor our friends who work in Public Works. We’re holding a contest of sorts, a way for you to show off your accomplishments and successes, and maybe win a little something in the process. If you’d like to participate, here’s what you do:

Send your response to any of the following by May 8th to We’ll evaluate all entries and select an organization to receive recognition each day of Public Works Week.

  • Share your best / funniest / craziest Public Works photo and/or story
  • Tell us your plans to celebrate Public Works Week
  • Tell us why your Public Works Director is the best in the business
  • What has been your biggest success this year in Public Works?
  • Who is your superstar Lucity user in your organization and why are they indispensable?

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your submittals!

Internet Explorer Support for Lucity

We are planning out new functionality for the upcoming Summer release and the Feb 2016 release.  Our Lucity Web application user interface is getting serious attention by our developers.  Some of the improvements affect support for older IE browsers so we wanted to provide our clients information about what to expect for Internet Explorer support moving forward.

Here are some details of Internet Explorer support for Lucity Web for past, current, and future releases.  This article discusses the Microsoft support policy for Internet Explorer.

Continue reading

Big Changes Coming for Lucity SQL Server Databases

Get prepared for a nice (but big) change coming for Lucity databases for our SQL Server clients. Historically, Lucity data has been spread across 10 databases (Comm, User, Work, Sewer, Storm, Street, Park, Water, Equip, and Electric). In Lucity 2015r2 (August 2015), a wizard will be provided to combine these databases into a single Lucity database. Data in a single database provides so many advantages for our clients including:

  • Simpler database backup and maintenance plans
  • Easier addition of new Lucity products
  • Better database file management
  • Improved cross database reporting
  • Streamlined database connection management

In addition to these advantages, it  allows us at Lucity to support new license models, add cool new features faster, and improve the overall stability of the software. Continue reading

Built-in LucityAM Analytics

I’ve been hearing the term “analytics” used more often within the context of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system functionality, and have paused to consider what it means to us and our client community. We know that EAM systems like LucityAM are “data hungry”, and we can satisfy those appetites by feeding them mounds of facts and figures. But then what? How are we to apply analytics to transform raw data into actionable intelligence on which we can confidently base important decisions? Continue reading

Searching for Support

If you’ve been a Lucity client for any length of time at all, you know how proud we are of our software support. From our fantastic help guides (thanks to @LucityJonathan) to our crack support team (led by @LucityAli), our devotion to helping you and YOUR team succeed is evident. And we’re always looking for ways to help you along the way, little tools and tricks to get you the answers you need even faster.

We’re excited to share our latest tool…a Help Search form. Continue reading