Big Changes Coming for Lucity SQL Server Databases

Get prepared for a nice (but big) change coming for Lucity databases for our SQL Server clients. Historically, Lucity data has been spread across 10 databases (Comm, User, Work, Sewer, Storm, Street, Park, Water, Equip, and Electric). In Lucity 2015r2 (August 2015), a wizard will be provided to combine these databases into a single Lucity database. Data in a single database provides so many advantages for our clients including:

  • Simpler database backup and maintenance plans
  • Easier addition of new Lucity products
  • Better database file management
  • Improved cross database reporting
  • Streamlined database connection management

In addition to these advantages, it  allows us at Lucity to support new license models, add cool new features faster, and improve the overall stability of the software. Continue reading

Built-in LucityAM Analytics

I’ve been hearing the term “analytics” used more often within the context of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system functionality, and have paused to consider what it means to us and our client community. We know that EAM systems like LucityAM are “data hungry”, and we can satisfy those appetites by feeding them mounds of facts and figures. But then what? How are we to apply analytics to transform raw data into actionable intelligence on which we can confidently base important decisions? Continue reading