From the Support Center >> Getting the most out of Lucity Support

There is so much to know about Lucity, and we want you to be able to find the information that you need.  To make that easier we have provided a lot of online resources that allow you to find that information.  The Lucity Support Center is the hub of our online resources and has a fully searchable knowledge base.

Knowledge Base

In the Lucity Support Center you can find feature articles, videos, and ACT manuals all about using Lucity.  There is also a new Known Issues section where we post information about common issues with information about how to identify and troubleshoot them.


Within the Support Center you can also post questions to the Community.  This allows you to tap into your fellow users’ wealth of knowledge and experience, and gives you a way to share your knowledge and experience with others.

Ticket History

If you normally enter tickets through your email you might not know that the Support Center stores a record of your support Ticket history.  You can also the ticket history for your entire organization if your organization allows it.  This lets you to easily go back and get a refresher on how to solve an issue that you have seen before.

Entering Tickets

When you need to enter a ticket, there are several key pieces of information that we need to know before we can start troubleshooting.

  • What version of Lucity are you on?
  • What part of the program are you in?  Desktop, Web, Mobile?
  • Was there an error message?  (Please send us screenshots of error your entire screen including the error message.)
  • What were the steps leading up to the error?
  • Has this error always occurred or did it just start?
  • Have you upgraded or made configuration changes recently?

Tip: If you go to to enter your tickets it will automatically suggest knowledge base articles that might solve your issue.

If you have any questions, let us know!

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