Public Works Week WINNER!

If you’ve been following along you know that we’ve selected the winners of Lucity’s first ever Public Works Week contest. We were so excited to receive so many entries, and had a great time reading your submissions. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve selected one individual/agency to honor each day this week.

Today’s winner was nominated as his agency’s Superstar Lucity User. In fact, he received two nominations! (We’ve included the submissions below.) Lucity Support Specialist Melissa Armstrong (@LucityMelissa) says “He is always friendly and patient. He’s very knowledgeable about Lucity administration and is willing to see issues through to their resolution. Great to work with!”

We’re thrilled to present him with today’s award – he’s fantastic to work with as a client and has become a friend to many of us here at Lucity. Congratulations!! Continue reading