Public Works Week WINNER!

If you’ve been following along you know that we’ve selected the winners of Lucity’s first ever Public Works Week contest. We were so excited to receive so many entries, and had a great time reading your submissions. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve selected one individual/agency to honor each day this week.

Today’s winner was nominated as his agency’s Superstar Lucity User. In fact, he received two nominations! (We’ve included the submissions below.) Lucity Support Specialist Melissa Armstrong (@LucityMelissa) says “He is always friendly and patient. He’s very knowledgeable about Lucity administration and is willing to see issues through to their resolution. Great to work with!”

We’re thrilled to present him with today’s award – he’s fantastic to work with as a client and has become a friend to many of us here at Lucity. Congratulations!!

Day 1 Winner :: Superstar Lucity User

Greg Clift, City of Florence, Kentucky

Greg Clift is an eleven year veteran of the City of Florence’s Public Service Department. Greg started with the City as a Project Administrator in charge of Sewer and Storm Water Collection Systems but the City quickly recognized Greg’s uncanny expertise with all things related to Lucity and GIS and subsequently promoted Greg to Infrastructure Support Services “Systems Coordinator”. Greg now solely manages the City’s many Lucity suites.

The City of Florence owns and manages many Lucity infrastructure asset modules from water collection systems, transportation, fleet, parks, urban forestry, facilities, site assets, sewer and storm water collection systems to requests and work orders.   Greg’s holistic knowledge of all Florence’s vast responsibilities is what makes Greg Clift the City’s Lucity “Superstar”. Greg has the uncanny ability to provide the City’s Lucity users with proactive direction as to what and how they interact with this sophisticated software package.   Greg has also provided other area municipalities who have purchased or who were interested in purchasing Lucity with much needed training to lessen their learning curves.

Providing the Citizens of Florence Kentucky with quality Infrastructure management is a paramount objective of the Public Service Department and Greg Clift is a key individual who makes that happen.
~ Eric Hall, City of Florence

I would like to nominate my supervisor Greg Clift, our chief Lucity administrator, as a Lucity superstar.  My experience is less than a year with Lucity, but as I have worked closely with Greg, there is no issue, at least none that I’ve observed, that he can’t handle.  With calm, he will systematically break down a problem that is brought to his attention till he gets to the root cause.  He understands how Lucity works, through the front door, and through the back door.  This back door knowledge that he has passed along to me, his mentee and back-up Lucity administrator, has saved me from panic after “orphaning” many records with one simple push of a button!  Greg has worked closely with Lucity (or GBA as it is still occasionally referred to by some) for around a decade or so as Infrastructure Management Systems Coordinator at the City of Florence, KY.  Our public services department is a jack-of-all-trades in the services we provide (Sewer, Storm, Streets, Water, Parks, Facilities, Grounds/Trees, etc.).  Greg is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to Lucity (sprinkle in some GIS) as we own and utilize more modules than the average agency.

Knowledge is power and Greg has plenty of knowledge to share to keep us running Lucity smoothly and efficiently! Without Greg and his ability, we’d be a few steps behind in the world of public works and asset management.
~ Jacob Wallace, City of Florence

Congratulations again Greg! Thank you for your dedication to the Public Works world!!

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