Public Works Week WINNER!

We’re celebrating the Biggest Success of one of Lucity’s public works champions. The second day of our Public Works Week Contest highlights an accomplishment many years in the making, and actually involves two Lucity clients. Their devotion to their customers and the environment played a key role in this massive undertaking. You’ll all recognize and appreciate the amount of effort and dedication this goal must have presented. But this agency is always willing to rise to the occasion. Lucity Senior Implementation Specialist Matt Miner (@LucityMatt) says the City is “ready and willing to seek out, or even create, the best solution. They’re quick to adopt new processes when there is a promise of enhanced productivity.”

Join us in thanking and congratulating our friends in the Northwest for this amazing accomplishment!

Day 2 Winner :: Biggest Success in Public Works

City of Battle Ground, Washington

Our biggest success this year was our participation in the formation of the Discovery Clean Water Alliance.   The Discovery Clean Water Alliance (DCWA) is a regional wastewater collection and treatment partnership between the City of Battle Ground, the City of Ridgefield, Clark County, and the Clark Regional Wastewater District (CRWWD). The goal of the partnership is to maintain stable customer rates; protect public and environmental health; and ensure reliable and predictable service for all customers by sharing wastewater treatment costs.  After several  years of planning and research beginning in 2007, the four agencies spent a couple of years conducting a regional business planning study to explore viable options for how a regional partnership would be structured, how it might be governed, and how it would be funded. The effort resulted in a MOU providing agreement-in-principle for the framework of a formalized partnership. Key elements of the MOU included formation of a new entity under the Joint Municipal Utility Service Act (JMUSA); use of an asset-based cost allocation model; oversight from a four member board of directors composed of one elected official from each agency; and contracting key administrative and operational responsibilities to the partners best suited to provide those services. In September 2012 an Interlocal Formation Agreement was completed providing the necessary framework elements for a corporation.  Finally in 2014 the DCWA team focused on the final transition activities including the development of a shared Sewer Master Plan, and governance manual and successfully became fully operational at the beginning of 2015.

The hard work and willingness by all parties to partner together for a successful organization that would benefit all of us is something we are very proud of.
~ Scott Sawyer, City of Battle Ground

Thank you for your dedication to the Public Works world!!

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