Public Works Week WINNER!

We love how many of you built days into your week to share your operations with citizens. What better way for them to learn what Public Works is all about? So many things in our daily lives are under your care and supervision and many of us take them for granted. This next honoree has big plans for celebrating today, May 20th. In fact, we received two submissions from this agency – what pride in their department!

If you have plans to celebrate and share your work with your citizens, send us your photos! We’d love to share them.

Join us in wishing this agency a Happy City Works Day!

Day 3 Winner :: Plans for Celebrating Public Works Week

City of Folsom, California

The City of Folsom is celebrating and supporting the American Public Works Association’s National Public Works week by holding a free event for our Folsom Public Works Weekcommunity called City Works Day.  Between the hours of 9:30 and noon on May 20, employee-staffed booths and stations from a variety of Public Works groups are set up across Folsom City Lions Park next to our public library.  With informative literature, fun giveaway items and interactive games, the booths showcase our various Public Works services and how they enhance the quality-of-life for our residents.  Transit buses and a garbage truck are on display; Curby the life-size robot teaches recycling tips; our squirt bottle stormwater table demons  trates how pollution can hit our waterways, if the public is not thoughtful about prevention; a paving model shows a 3-D display of how we build our roadways; and a full-size street light unit is set up to increase understanding of the equipment we use to maintain our City’s traffic safety.Folsom Public Works Week

We are excited about how City Works Day brings our residents together to recognize and celebrate the spirit of Public Works Week!
~ Michelle Kasama, City of Folsom

We yearly have actively participated in Public Works Day it seems FOREVER. Our website shows the advertisement of the event plus we send invitations to all of the local schools in Folsom and advertise in the city newspaper. We normally have more than 400 school aged children attend! Folsom Public Works Week

The 2015 national theme is “Community Begins Here” and reflects the idea that the essential nature of Public Works services support and enhance the everyday quality-of-life community citizens enjoy throughout the year; without Public Works, there would not be a cohesive community to protect, police, serve, lead and represent.
~ Betty Marchbanks, City of Folsom

Check out the City’s website for even more information.

Thank you for your dedication to the Public Works world!! We hope today is a huge success!

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