Public Works Week WINNER!

Our final category in the Public Works Week contest pertained to the unusual or exciting things you (or your crews) might encounter as they’re in the field. We’ve all heard stories, right? Well this submission is quite the visual and probably involved quite a lot of cleanup time!

Join us in thanking this agency who made the most of a not-so-great situation!

Day 4 Winner :: From the Field…

City of Wheaton, Illinois

Take a look at this video of a main break that occurred during routine hydrant flushing activities. The first main break occurred during hydrant flushing and was repaired. During the back-filling of the excavation, a second main break occurred within two feet of the original break!

Since the area was already excavated there was no resistance blocking the flow. We used the opportunity to wash the tractor.
~ Pat Keegan and Al Owens, City of Wheaton

Thank you for your dedication to the Public Works world!!

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