RUG Recap in Numbers


Northwest Area RUG, April 22 – Clark Regional Wastewater District


Midwest – Kansas City are RUG, April 28 – City of Lenexa


SoCal area RUG, May 28 – City of Oceanside

9… RUG Meetings

9… Awesome client hosts! (Thanks to Gwinnett County, City of Wheaton, City of Goodyear, City of Oceanside, Volusia County, Sanitation District No.1, City of Lenexa, Clark Regional Wastewater District, and City of Folsom)

14… Lucity employees on hand at various RUGs

332… attendees overall

54… attendees at our largest meeting (Kansas City area RUG!)

83… distinct agencies represented

25… client presentations

6… agencies who sent 10 or more attendees!

12… Lucity partner presentations (Thanks to Innovyze & IMS!)

45… new Lucity 2015 features highlighted

45… documented enhancement requests from clients (vote on and submit your own at

15%… estimated percentage of clients who are on the latest Lucity version 2015 (most are on 2014/2014r2)

25%… estimated percentage of clients who have deployed Lucity Mobile (once one crew gets one… everyone wants it!)

50%… estimated percentage of clients who have deployed Lucity Web

200%… productivity increase after switching to mobile (Sanitation District No. 1)

Thanks to everyone who hosted, presented, and attended this year’s RUGs!   You can find the Lucity RUG presentations on new software features and client and partner presentations over various topics on the Lucity Support Center. We’ll be continuing the excitement of these user group meetings at ACT15 in KC this September. See you there!

Modernize Your Infrastructure for Mobility

by Luke Savage, Client Services Consultant

Over the past few years, we’ve been working hard to meet our clients’ rising expectations for delivering Lucity Mobile solutions for Enterprise Asset Management. Included in these efforts is collaborative efforts with clients to understand their existing IT infrastructures, and determine how to modernize to make best use of mobile solutions and devices. Continue reading