Modernize Your Infrastructure for Mobility

by Luke Savage, Client Services Consultant

Over the past few years, we’ve been working hard to meet our clients’ rising expectations for delivering Lucity Mobile solutions for Enterprise Asset Management. Included in these efforts is collaborative efforts with clients to understand their existing IT infrastructures, and determine how to modernize to make best use of mobile solutions and

Lucity, Inc. is pleased to announce our latest partnership with Dell. Through the Dell Consultant Network, we have centralized access to Dell to help:

  • Support your operational infrastructure, enterprise and mobile solutions, and technical resources
  • Modernize your network, provide infrastructure to support Lucity Mobile, and you adapt for future demands as technology changes.

Through our new Lucity IT Services offerings, we’ll work side by side with you to determine the IT needs of your organization. Lucity IT Services supplement our current implementation project services, and will help you be successful meeting your workforce requirements. Through the Lucity and Dell partnership, you’ll have access to IT consultants that can help you grow, modernize and maintain your infrastructure over time.

Within the last year, we have helped clients create modernization solutions with Dell. South Placer Municipal Utility District (SPMUD) in Rocklin, CA was our first client to take this challenge head-on. They have seen huge improvements with performance, solved signal leakages, and have added capabilities with ITPipes, Tyler, Lucity, and Esri for both internal and mobile solutions while minimizing budget impact and solving administration challenges. With their new solution, they now have the capability to meet current and expected future demands. Additional projects are already underway and promise great benefits for each agency.

We welcome you to take advantage of these services and technical resources as we grow together in this modern era.

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