Lucity 2015r2 is Here

This week we released Lucity 2015r2.  Big improvements and changes are in this release including:

  • A new dashboard and time sheet user interface
  • Live WYSIWYG dashboard editing on the web
  • A new work scheduler application
  • A new graphic interface for managing tire installations
  • New modules for Storm Water Quality management
  • New modules for Street Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • New work estimating tools
  • Construction modules on the web
  • Plus many new enhancements in GIS, Work, Water, Storm, Trees, and more

In addition to this long list of new features, this release also includes a tool to consolidate all of the numerous GBA* databases into a single new Lucity database. Stay tuned for some details on how this unification process works in the August edition of Looking into Lucity in your email inbox.

Here is a brief peek at just a few of the new features in Lucity 2015r2

We hope you join us at ACT in Kansas City in a few weeks to see this in action.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit us at Lucity Listens.

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