Staff Spotlight >> Roy McGregor

RoyRoy McGregor (@LucityRoy)


My job title is… Development Dragon

But here’s what I really do… Develop modules for the web and fix bugs in the web software.

I’m making a difference at Lucity by… Trying to understand how the modules by asking questions when something doesn’t make sense to me. In order for the code to work flawlessly I need to know how it will be used.

I find my biggest (work-related) challenge to be…  Explaining a problem I have so people can understand it.

But the greatest (work-related) reward is… Getting a complex architecture of code working the first time I test it.

My favorite part of my day is… Lunch, so I can get beat in Super Smash Bros by Eugene.

One reason I love working at Lucity is… It is a really relaxed place to work. Lots of benefits most Job don’t have.


My ultimate goal in life is to… Be awesome.

One album I could never part with is… I assume this is music, I don’t have a music album that I cannot part with. I like Eminem but I could part with him. My answer is: The matrix.

My favorite website is… I don’t really know, I suppose it would either be Engadget or N4G one is a video game site the other is a technology news site.

My odd superhero power is… How about a super hero power I want. This would be teleportation. I don’t like driving 50 minutes to and from work every day!

My favorite lunch spot is… The [Lucity] Game room for games. Also Spicy Basil Thai restaurant.

My favorite food is… Chinese, Which every one of the developers know because I always choose Happy Dragon for our Lunch and Learns.

My pet is… I have a cat, She is pure white and likes to play peekaboo.

My pet peeve or something I really dislike is… I suppose it would be people who shake their feet when siting on a bench with me causing the bench/floor to shake. But I do it too so I can’t be that upset about it.


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