Looking Into Lucity >> November’s Issue

From all of us here at Lucity…THANK YOU for being part of our team. We’re so grateful to count you as colleagues and as friends. We wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings!!

What’s New >>> Dashboard Editing Tools

In case you missed the live webinar that Jonathan Semones and Allison Tuttle presented last week, we’ve made the webinar’s recording available on our YouTube channel. Take a look to watch Jonathan walk through the new Dashboard Editing tools that were added to Lucity Web in 2015r2.  Continue reading

New Lucity Android Tablet Release

Last week we released a new version of the Lucity Android Tablet application.  Some of the new and improved features include:

  • Better Security
  • Fewer credential prompts in the GIS map
  • Show All capabilities in work lookups
  • Support for the quick lookup both online and offline

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This new version is version 1.8.  The update can be downloaded from the Google Play store from your device. To enable updates automatically, open the Lucity Mobile details page on Google Play on the device and check the box that says “Allow automatic updating.”

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit us at Lucity Listens.


Meet the Lucity CAB >> Tony Bisson

Tony Bisson, Maintenance Supervisor / Lucity Admin.

Clark Regional Waste Water District / Maintenance

How many people work with you in your department? 16

What version of Lucity are you currently using?  2015r2

How long has your organization been using Lucity?  2004??

Which solutions are you using?  We currently are using Sewer, Fleet, facilities, FOG, Work, all sitting on and with a mature Esri GIS data system. We are a sewer collections only district but have a full Finance, Engineering and admin department doing a lot of design work and plan approvals in house. Our Cues CCTV, Esri, and Lucity are all tied together, with assets sharing the same unique ID across all three platforms. We have Android Tablets and iPads for our mobile solutions. Continue reading

Sharpen Your Tools >> ACT2016 Pre-Conference Workshops

Lucity’s Annual Conference and Training (better known as ACT) is a three-day event designed to bring our user community together for education and networking. These three days (Monday through Wednesday) consist of multiple concurrent tracks (last year’s agenda had 5 tracks with one- and two-hour sessions) with optional pre-conference workshops on Sunday. The ACT15 event took place in Kansas City and welcomed 255 attendees representing 85 agencies – not including the 46 Lucity staff members who attended. Sunday’s pre-conference workshops had 75 attendees total for the three classes offered.

Next year will be our 16th ACT – ACT2016. Though the event varies slightly from year to year, the primary mission of ACT addresses the following goals: Continue reading