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Lucity’s Annual Conference and Training (better known as ACT) is a three-day event designed to bring our user community together for education and networking. These three days (Monday through Wednesday) consist of multiple concurrent tracks (last year’s agenda had 5 tracks with one- and two-hour sessions) with optional pre-conference workshops on Sunday. The ACT15 event took place in Kansas City and welcomed 255 attendees representing 85 agencies – not including the 46 Lucity staff members who attended. Sunday’s pre-conference workshops had 75 attendees total for the three classes offered.

Next year will be our 16th ACT – ACT2016. Though the event varies slightly from year to year, the primary mission of ACT addresses the following goals:

  1. For each attendee to increase their efficiency with regard to the Lucity applications so they save their agency at least twice their total cost of attendance over the next year. We work toward this goal by offering pre-conference workshops, a large and varied number of training sessions, group discussions and client presentations.
  2. For each Lucity employee to learn enough from attendees so that each agency will again save twice the cost of their staff’s attendance within the next three years. Interacting directly with many clients across the country at one time and in one location allows Lucity to get a much better understanding of how we can continue to modify our software to better meet your needs.

Everything that we do for ACT revolves around these two basic tenants. Over the next several months we will be highlighting specific components of ACT. This month we are going to be focusing on the pre-conference workshops.

ACT2016 Pre-conference Workshops

While ACT training sessions are fantastic resources, sometimes you simply need more time to really delve into a topic. ACT Workshops give users the opportunity to really focus on one specific topic for a whole day. At the conclusion of ACT2015 we asked attendees what topics that they would like as pre-conference workshops for ACT2016. Based on this feedback we have decided to double the number of workshops offered from three to six.

Lucity and Crystal Reports

Designed for people who are responsible for developing and enhancing Lucity reports using Crystal Reports, this class will cover the following:

  1. Making a copy of a report and keeping the report correctly pointed to the data
  2. Revising a Report: Adding/Removing fields, Adding/Removing report sections, Formatting fields, Adding/Linking tables, Adding Text, and Conditional Formatting
  3. Using date/time fields and concatenating fields
  4. Inserting a picture (agency logos)
  5. Sorting, Grouping and summarizing
  6. Adding report parameters (prompts for the users)
  7. How to use the Section Expert
  8. Creating a new report from scratch
  9. Using Subreports – linked and unlinked, and passing parameters into these subreports
  10. Adding Comments sections
  11. Graphic reports
  12. Linking Work Orders and Requests
  13. Using Variables with Work Reports – both secure fields and passing data to the main report
  14. Using Asset Inventory numbers
  15. Child and grandchild grids
  16. Commands
  17. Web reports / Dashboard reports

This is a tremendous amount to cover in one day so we provide a workbook full of examples and additional instruction.

Lucity Bootcamp

The Lucity Bootcamp is back by popular demand! This workshop is designed for end users (not administrators) who are new to Lucity and who have had little to no actual training in the software. Both the desktop version and the web version will be covered in such a way that the desktop users can start preparing to move to the web and the web users will understand more about the basic logic of the software. Topics will include:

  1. Lucity Overview
  2. Viewing information
  3. Adding / Editing data
  4. Analyzing data – Dashboards, Filters, Sorts
  5. Running reports
  6. Understanding Requests – Add/Edit, Link to Work Orders, various ways that Requests can be created.
  7. Work Orders – Add/Edit, Link to Requests & other Work Orders, various ways that Work Orders can be created. – Paperless work flow
  8. Inspections
  9. Web Map Functionality

The intent of this bootcamp is to get users a better understanding of the software so that they will feel more comfortable during the remaining three days of the training.

Moving to Lucity Web

Created specifically for those individuals whose job it is to create dashboards and web forms for end users, this class will cover the creation of new dashboards and web forms. It will cover the following topics:

  1. End-User Dashboard functionality
  2. End-User Dashboard creation in both pre2015R2 and post2015R2 versions (there was a major change made in Version 2015R2.
  3. Web Views, Grids and Forms functionality
  4. Web Views, Grids and Forms creation

This will be a fast-paced training session as there will be a lot to cover in one day. We will be providing a workbook that we will follow during the training that attendees can use later as a good reference manual.

Pavement Management Workshop

This full-day class will focus on all the intricacies of pavement management. Our friends at IMS will be co-training with us so you’ll truly learn from pavement management experts. We’ll discuss general practices, modeling runs, and analyzing model results. If you are responsible for analyzing pavement deterioration rates, pavement rehabilitation techniques, or pavement rehabilitation budgeting for your agency then this is the class for you.

System Assessment Tuning and Design

The System Assessment Tuning and Design (SATD) pre-conference workshop is geared towards IT and Lucity Administrators that want to make sure their network can handle mobile solutions and provide adequate performance to the end user experience. Throughout the workshop, we learn about communication standards, troubleshooting techniques, best practices, new Microsoft and Dell technologies, cellular data planning, case studies for modernizing your IT infrastructure, Lucity designing, tuning, special configuration and planning. Since Lucity is built on top of your enterprise systems, our applications depend on the reliability, scalability and performance of your IT infrastructure. In this workshop, we’ll discuss these topics and learn about what it takes to make sure all users have a great Lucity experience.

Topics Include

  1. Network Audit
  2. VM Server Architecture
  3. Modernization
  4. Lucity System Design
  5. Lucity Mobile Planning
  6. Tuning Practices for:
    • SQL Server
    • GIS
    • Backups
    • Lucity Tuning and Configuration

Lucity API – Getting Started

Want a chance to learn about Lucity’s REST API? Come and see the API in action. This workshop is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to get you started on your own API implementation. We will begin with some basics of what can be done with the API, progress into some basic examples of coding, and if time allows work our way through an implementation. If you have experience programming and understand some development concepts, you will get some mileage from this workshop. Our goal is for you to leave the workshop with a jumpstart on your own implementation!

The first half of this workshop will be a training session. Then, in the afternoon, those wishing for one-on-one help with development can work in the room and ask our resident expert, Brent VanDusen questions.

With such a variety of workshop topics offered, everyone who attends from your agency should find something beneficial to their area of expertise. And with a registration fee of $300 (that includes a hot breakfast and lunch), these sessions are a fantastic value!

Next month’s post will explain our new User Forum courses. For more information on ACT specifics, visit or email

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