Meet the Lucity CAB >> Tony Bisson

Tony Bisson, Maintenance Supervisor / Lucity Admin.

Clark Regional Waste Water District / Maintenance

How many people work with you in your department? 16

What version of Lucity are you currently using?  2015r2

How long has your organization been using Lucity?  2004??

Which solutions are you using?  We currently are using Sewer, Fleet, facilities, FOG, Work, all sitting on and with a mature Esri GIS data system. We are a sewer collections only district but have a full Finance, Engineering and admin department doing a lot of design work and plan approvals in house. Our Cues CCTV, Esri, and Lucity are all tied together, with assets sharing the same unique ID across all three platforms. We have Android Tablets and iPads for our mobile solutions.

When did you first become involved with the Lucity software?  I became involved with Lucity while still on the field crews. I had previous experience with other CMMS systems while working as Maintenance supervisor at our local HP facility and was asked to participate in the CMMS selection process. I had the opportunity to be in on the ground floor purchase and implementation and District setup of Lucity.

What are your typical responsibilities with regard to Lucity?  I am the maintenance supervisor also in charge of administering all operations software. All updates, changes, trouble shooting and Crystal reports writing fall into my Job Description.

Since training an administrative person on assignment to the department, my duties daily are QA/QC of work order assignments and completion and asset management thru the tools Lucity provides. One of my primary uses of Lucity is tracking asset condition, capital and R&R planning and work load needs. Using Lucity data to save the rate payers money and mitigating risk for the District.

What are you most proud of regarding your use of Lucity?  Getting CCTV,GIS and Lucity to share data that is searchable, reportable and graphically presentable across all three platforms. Also Using the CCTV data, GIS and Lucity to compile a top-down list of assets repair needs based on criticality, condition and consequence of failure.

When did you attend your first ACT?  I believe 2006 was my first act and I was impressed at how well Lucity listened, presented ideas and of course the networking with other users from all different uses and applications.

What do you feel is the biggest benefit to ACT?  To me the biggest benefit is hearing ideas of how it is used by other entities, hearing where Lucity is going and putting faces to the names!

What do you like most about the Lucity Regional User Group Meetings?  I like the one on one feel and group interaction in these smaller settings. Questions get asked, invites to “come see what we are doing” and a general atmosphere of everyone is there to help each other and learn

Do you have any words of wisdom for other Lucity users? Or any advice for future Lucity users?  I was once asked by a person in charge of training if I could bring in a Lucity member to train everyone on the proper use of Lucity. As I have learned, there is no right way or wrong way to use Lucity. Lucity gives you the tools in your tool box to build what is right for your systems, and then advance and build upon what you have thru time with ever improving tools.

There are inherent basics to how Lucity works, but how you apply it is completely up to your needs. I liken it to having a dream house you want to build and the carpenter shop and team to build it. Step back, assess what you need and want to build in your asset management system, grab this Lucity set of tools and BUILD!

Please tell us a little about yourself.  I am married, have 7 children, have been in every state in the union but Maine, Still chose to remain in my home town of Vancouver Washington. I have served with the US NAVY Seabees and am a Vietnam Vet. I am a Washington state Licensed plumber, with a passion for guitar, computers, riding LONG day rides and trips on my motorcycle, and a good beer. Still have plans @ 60 years old to finish my couple hours needed to complete a Microsoft certification. Did I mention I like a good beer? 🙂

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