Sharpen Your Tools >> ACT16 User Forum Tracks

As mentioned in last month’s blog, users from all over the country and with varied levels of software experience attend the Lucity Annual Conference and Training (ACT). The main mission of ACT is to provide attendees with the training and resources they need to be efficient and effective users of our software.  Sometimes, being efficient and effective transcends the software and is more process and/or operations related.  The primary purpose of the ACT User Forums is to allow attendees that share responsibilities to discuss current hurdles and how those hurdles may be overcome.

Each User Forum will be moderated by one or two clients that have several years of experience using Lucity.  These sessions will begin with the moderators giving a brief discussion on how Lucity has helped their organization – mainly to prompt further dialog from session attendees.  Each session will be driven by questions from attendees. Past experience tell us that these sessions will be fantastic group discussions! We’ve dedicated quite a lot of time to each session so there is ample time to address the many questions that can arise.

Lucity will also have a representative in attendance as well.  Our job is to help answer any more technical questions regarding the software’s capabilities and to take enhancement requests that the group agrees would be helpful. We always learn so much at these sessions, and so much of our software development stems from discussions at ACT!

The sessions we are providing during ACT16 include:

  • Streets/Traffic – 3 hours
  • Water – 4 hours
  • Fleet – 2 hours
  • Parks – 2 hours
  • Sanitary Sewer – 4 hours
  • Storm Water – 2 hours
  • Facilities – 2 hours
  • Plant & Plant Equipment – 3 hours

For those who have attended ACT in the past, these sessions are a combination of YOUser Sessions and Dreaming Sessions.  Why is this so important?  During ACT15, attendees provided over 100 enhancement recommendations.  Since we had a roomful of users listening when these enhancement recommendations were requested, we could have an honest dialog with everyone present and gauge the importance and benefit of each request.  Some of the enhancements were already planned, but the rest were new and this dialog allowed us to correctly prioritize them. Based on the feedback we received, we scheduled 32 of these enhancements to be released with our next release, Version 2016, which will be released in February!

Next month’s post will explain the Manager’s Track. You can take a look at last month’s post about our Pre-Conference Workshops here. For more information on ACT specifics, visit or email

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