Sharpen Your Tools >> ACT16 Manager’s Track

We believe that Lucity is a power tool that can help your organization in numerous ways.  Yet, we are constantly amazed when we hear how much Lucity has benefited our clients.  The Manager’s track is where clients can hear from their peers how Lucity was instrumental in helping them solve problems, save money, handle disasters, get more funding, track their expected results, and show ROI.  This track also highlights some of the modules you likely own but may not be aware of or know why it might be useful to a manager.  Below are some of the speakers we’ve asked to speak during ACT2016.

Rick Lisenbee, City of Tulsa, OK

Rick is the Systems Manager for the City of Tulsa’s Water and Sewer Department.  Our contract was actually approved by the Council during ACT2014.  During ACT2015, Rick shared how they went about selecting Lucity, their expectations for the program and their aggressive plan on implementing Lucity throughout the Water and Sewer Department.  Rick, and likely others from the Department, will be updating everyone on what has gone well and what pitfalls they have experienced.

Dan Waldron, City of North Port, FL

Dan is the Operations Support Administrator for the City.  Dan and Monica Bramble, their Solid Waste Division Manager, will be presenting how they have documented their return on investment using mobile tablets that are using Lucity.  They did a great job of letting the public know of their ROI and were even had the local TV crew do a special feature on it as seen here.

Rogelio Matta, City of Fontana, CA

Rogelio is a Systems Analyst for the Public Works Department.  The City (and Rogelio) has been a user of Lucity since 2003 and they have always driven new and innovative uses of Lucity and GIS.  Each year Rogelio discusses ways in which Lucity has helped the City improve their operations.

Cheryl Carner, City of Overland Park, KS

Cheryl is the Lucity Administrator for the Public Works Department.  The City has been using Lucity since 1996 and Cheryl has been involved every step of the way.  She is updating her excellent talk that she made for ACT2015 on the value that Lucity has provided the City over the years.

Joe DeVito, Beaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Agency, SC (or BJWSA)

Joe is the Director of Field Operations and is very hands-on with Lucity.  Another dynamic speaker, Joe and BJWSA have used Lucity since 2004 and over the years have expanded their scope of work with Lucity greatly.  As an operations leader, Joe has some unique insights as to how Lucity can help your organization.

John Gamble, Volusia County, FL

John and Billy Wright, LA Consulting will be teaming up for a presentation on the benefits of the Lucity Planning and Budgeting module.  Volusia County has been a client since 2007 and they bought it with the intent of using the Planning and Budgeting module fully.  Come find and why and how it has benefited them so much.

This is just a sample of the presentations that you can expect during the management track.  We truly feel that this track alone is worth the time and money you will invest to attend. We hope to see you there! Visit for full details.

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