To Infinity & Beyond! (Licensing Changes for Version 2016)

As you, our clients, can attest, at Lucity we love to implement your suggestions for improvements, enhancements and expansion ideas for our product line. We also work to continue to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of technology and the needs of future Lucity clients. Taking all that into account meant we were selling over forty (40!) different products with a single deployment option that made up the suite of Lucity software solutions. As you might imagine, not only does this get tough to administer, it also can get complex to explain to clients and prospects alike.

That said, in order to take us beyond infinity (instead of spiraling towards it at a rapid pace), we have arrived at the decision to greatly consolidate our packaging of the Lucity functionality into a concise product list as well as offer two (2) licensing models and two (2) deployment offerings. Continue reading

Lucity Mobile Warehouse 1.0.1

This week we released an update to the Lucity Mobile Warehouse application for Android phone and Apple iPhone.  This release resolves a few minor bugs, adds side to side scrolling support in description fields, and adds warehouse names to the transfer parts display.  This new release is called Lucity Mobile Warehouse 1.0.  It is targeted specifically for use with Lucity 2015r2.

Lucity Mobile Warehouse is a live mobile application designed for warehouse managers.   Continue reading