To Infinity & Beyond! (Licensing Changes for Version 2016)

As you, our clients, can attest, at Lucity we love to implement your suggestions for improvements, enhancements and expansion ideas for our product line. We also work to continue to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of technology and the needs of future Lucity clients. Taking all that into account meant we were selling over forty (40!) different products with a single deployment option that made up the suite of Lucity software solutions. As you might imagine, not only does this get tough to administer, it also can get complex to explain to clients and prospects alike.

That said, in order to take us beyond infinity (instead of spiraling towards it at a rapid pace), we have arrived at the decision to greatly consolidate our packaging of the Lucity functionality into a concise product list as well as offer two (2) licensing models and two (2) deployment offerings.

What does all of this mean for you, our existing clients? First, let’s take a look at our products & solutions, as this is the spot where most all of you will notice a difference.


What we are now offering as “products” are the items listed in the colored boxes above. They will be referenced as follows:

·         LucityAM Work ·         LucityAM GIS Desktop ·         LucityAM Citizen Portal
·         LucityAM Assets ·         LucityAM GIS Web ·         LucityAM REST APIs
·         LucityAM Mobile ·         Lucity GIS Viewer

What we refer to as “solutions” are the primary product components – for Assets, these would be “Water”, “Sewer”, etc. These solutions are comprised of “modules” – for Water, these would be “Pipes”, “Valves”, etc.

You also may notice a new term in all of this – LucityAM. This is how we are now referring to our suite of software products and is a term distinct from “Lucity” the company. AM is in reference to “Asset Management.”

For all of our existing clients who currently (pre-version 2016) license one or more product in the Asset grouping, with Version 2016 and beyond, you will have access to all of the solutions shown within the Asset box. This translates to the Work product as well as the Mobile product too. For example, if you previously owned any of our Work-related products but not the Inventory Control product, you now have access to the Inventory Control product as well – in addition to the Mobile Warehouse too. If you previously owned either of our Mobile solutions – Android or iOS based – you now have access to either platform but you still have the same number of licenses as you did previously.

Phew! So, back to our original question of what this means to you – the biggest thing it means is that you may likely be getting access to more of our products than you previously had with no extra increase in your Constant Connection Program fees! Nice, right?! Due to the changes with the upgrade process this time around, we are doing things a little differently. We are requiring all clients to go through a pre-upgrade appointment with one of our support staff. Once that appointment and the possible follow up items are finished, we will provide you with your 2016 codes and you will be able to upgrade. A week or two in advance of when you are wanting to upgrade, please submit a support ticket to OR from within the Lucity Support Center at requesting a 2016 pre-upgrade appointment. If you attempt to upgrade to 2016 with your existing license codes, it will not work.

These are exciting changes for us and we trust that you share this excitement as we grow and continue to evolve our products and offerings! Please look for a future blog post about our different licensing models and deployment offerings. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at

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