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Did you know that around 85% of Lucity clients own one of our GIS solutions? It is second to Lucity Work as the most-owned Lucity solution. That number shouldn’t be surprising if you consider the arsenal of tools you get when combining the power of Lucity with the power of GIS. It is for this reason we have dedicated a whole track at ACT to everything GIS.

We have expanded on the GIS track over the last few years to provide the most valuable experience to all our ACT attendees. Sure the GIS track contains many overview training sessions you would expect for end-users on the Lucity GIS solutions, but we also offer multiple sessions that are more focused on the setup and configuration typically done by GIS Administrators. The GIS track also contains client presentations…these sessions (as mentioned in our previous blog), are a great opportunity to see how other clients have implemented various GIS components and their lessons learned. If that wasn’t enough, since Lucity is an Esri business partner, there will be an Esri representative on-site to provide insight to the latest happenings over at Esri. As with every ACT we really enjoy the opportunity to showcase our latest developments in GIS while at the same time providing a forum for our clients where they can provide valuable enhancement recommendations for future development!

Here’s a brief description for each of the tentative GIS sessions for ACT16:

  • What’s new in Lucity GIS 2016/2016r2-The name pretty much sums it up; this session highlights all the changes made to our GIS solutions since the last ACT.
  • The Future of ArcGIS Pro with Lucity– This will provide an overview of the tools we have released to-date with ArcGIS Pro and open discussion on our future development plans and what our clients would like to see us do.
  • GIS Admin for Web and Mobile Maps– An overview including tips and tricks on how to setup and configure maps and associated services consumed by the Lucity web and mobile maps.
  • Lucity Web Map– This session goes into detail on the various tools and general functionality of the Lucity web map.
  • GIS Tools for ArcGIS Desktop-Overview of the various Lucity analysis and editing tools available in ArcMap and ArcCatalog.
  • Geodatabase Configuration Tool- An entire session devoted to the tool of all tools when it comes to integrating Lucity with GIS.
  • Managing Supervisors/Crews with Maintenance Zones- Did you know that Lucity can automatically assign a supervisor and/or crew to requests and/or work orders based upon the location? This session goes over the process and setup required for this enhanced functionality.
  • Overview of Lucity Spatial- Looking for a way to show live work locations in the map, dynamically, so it is always refreshed with the latest Lucity work info? This session goes over the process, setup, and tools of Lucity Spatial which provides enhanced functionality by storing geometry directly in the Lucity database.
  • Working with Feature Services- This session explores the potential integration available between Lucity and GIS via feature services. An overview of Lucity GIS Scheduled Tasks will be given and how you can start using feature services to push edits between Lucity and GIS.
  • ArcGIS Online with Lucity- Overview of ArcGIS Online and how it can be used with Lucity.
  • ArcGIS for Server Administration- Explore the nature of ArcGIS for Server, touch on key principals and techniques, as well as explore best practices for integration with Lucity.
  • Atypical GIS/IT Services that Lucity can Provide- Examine the IT partnerships that help clients mobilize a modernized system to support mobile solutions. Also includes an overview of ArcGIS for Server Quick Start services that help organizations deploy and receive training to administer and maintain their new GIS system.

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