Looking Into Lucity >> February’s Issue

We’re going to spend the majority of this month’s message focusing on the upcoming Lucity v2016 release. There’s SO much information to share, from new upgrade procedures to product enhancements. So let’s dive in!

What’s New >> Version 2016

We’ll start things off with a live webinar on Tuesday, March 1st at 1:00pm CST that will give you a fantastic chance to learn (and ask questions) about what the 2016 release will include. You need to register (it is free to attend) so we can provide you with all the necessary access information. And if you’re unable to attend we’ll share a recording on the Lucity YouTube channel after the event.

>Register Now <<

Focus On >>> Lucity Licensing Changes in Version 2016: Upgrade Appointment REQUIRED

There was so much information shared in our blog post last week regarding licensing changes in Version 2016 that we wanted to pull a bit of it to share here. We encourage you to visit the Lucity Blog (link below) to read the full post, but in summary… Before you’re able to upgrade to Version 2016 you (or your Lucity Administrator) will need to schedule a pre-upgrade appointment. This will give the Lucity Support Team time to work with you to ensure your upgrade process runs smoothly. A week or two prior to your upgrade, please submit a support ticket to support@lucity.com or from within the Support Center (http://support.lucity.com) requesting your appointment. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule and needs.

>Read Blog Post <<

Taking a Closer Look >>> Database Unification

In Lucity Version 2016, all of the Lucity databases are consolidated into a single Lucity database (instead of 10!). We published a blog post last April addressing this, and just last week shared even greater detail about what this means for you. As you might guess, there are steps that need to be executed to make sure your 10 databases worth of data ends up in the right spot. Our Development Team has done the hard part, but some of the task is in your hands. We created a YouTube video to give you the details and help you along the way.

>Watch Video <<

Lucity ACT16 News >>> GIS Track

This month’s ACT post is brought to you by Eric Daniel, Lucity’s resident GIS expert. He’s highlighted the awesome list of topics we’ll be covering during ACT this year. Visit act.lucity.com for full conference details.

>Read Blog Post <<

Learning with Lucity >>> Lucity Univercity

If you’re interested in attending the Lucity + Crystal Reports class we’re holding in April, there’s still time to register. Our Beginner Course will take place April 4 – 5, and our Advanced Course will immediately follow on April 6 – 7. You can read the class descriptions here: Lucity + Crystal Reports. Take a look at the class’s offerings and visit the Lucity blog when you’re ready to register.

>Register! <<

From the Lucity Blog >>>

Software Support >> Licensing Changes for Version 2016

Release News >> Lucity Mobile Warehouse 1.0.1

Release News >> Lucity Mobile Android Version 1.8 Service Release

Have a suggestion for a topic you would like to see covered next month?  Let us know!

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