Staff Spotlight >> Luke Savage

In celebration of his 5th anniversary at Lucity, we’re shining a spotlight on Luke Savage. Congratulations on your anniversary Luke!

Luke Savage, Client Services Consultant


My job title is…

Client Services Consultant

But here’s what I really do…

It really depends on the day and year.  You’ll notice me pop up from time to time.  To me and to Lucity, clients come first and I generally fill the gabs in client services.  In various ways, I support sales in new client system assessments.  Also, I help our help desk staff and work with implementers on an ongoing basis.  Recently, I’ve been writing specialized documentation that will help implementers and clients alike.  For Regional User Groups, I help in preparation and planning.  We look forward to Regional User Groups every year.  As for day to day operations, the list is astronomical but in every case I’m here to help our users and Lucity staff be successful in using Lucity and Esri Software.  For Lucity business partners, I’m a Liaison to Esri working with Jim Graham on the business partner relationship.  By the way, Esri and Lucity are doing well together.  We’ve grown closer not only technologically but also in business focus.  I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made in a few short years.

 I’m making a difference at Lucity by…

Being the workhorse where needed.

 I find my biggest (work-related) challenge to be… Continue reading

South (Tulsa) Regional User Group Meeting

The 2016 South Regional User Group meeting will be held on June 9th.  We’ll show off some new features and share release news. We’re upping our game this year and sending Lucity President, Don Pinkston, on the road! As many of you know, he’s always dreamin’ about new and exciting ways to use the Lucity software, and you’ll have his full attention. There’s no charge to attend, and lunch will be provided. We’ll start the day at 9:00 and finish around 3:00. Continue reading

Sharpen Your Tools >> ACT16 Admin Track

Lucity administrators are some of our favorite people.  We love seeing them at ACT every year.  They provide us invaluable feedback on how to improve our software and we get to show off all the new backend features (and front end) that are important to a Lucity administrator.

This year in our administration track, we will be covering some core administrative training as well as showing off some of the new components and features.  There is great content for both new Lucity administrators as well as the more seasoned ones.

Here is a list of the sessions we currently have planned: Continue reading

Lucity Mobile 2.0

This week, in concert with our Lucity 2016 release, every Lucity Mobile app on the Apple App Store® and the Google Play™ store has a new app available.  These new apps include a 2.0 designation.  The older versions will still be available side by side with the 2.0 apps to support clients on older Lucity server releases.

Here are some key improvements in the new version of the Lucity Mobile applications: Continue reading

Lucity 2016 Plus New Mobile Releases Now Available

This is a big release week for Lucity!  This week released Lucity 2016 and 2.0 version of every Lucity mobile product on the Apple App Store® and the Google Play™ store. These new mobile releases go hand in hand with the Lucity 2016 release.  The older 1.x versions of the mobile apps will remain available on the app stores for use with Lucity 2015r2 and earlier.

With all of these releases we have a lot of news to share, more than we can  cover in one blog post.  Look for a blog post on Lucity Mobile applications later this week. Here are the highlights for the Lucity 2016 release: Continue reading