Lucity Mobile 2.0

This week, in concert with our Lucity 2016 release, every Lucity Mobile app on the Apple App Store® and the Google Play™ store has a new app available.  These new apps include a 2.0 designation.  The older versions will still be available side by side with the 2.0 apps to support clients on older Lucity server releases.

Here are some key improvements in the new version of the Lucity Mobile applications:

  • Improved app security
  • Improved login messages for password expiration warnings
  • Support for changing password
  • No more activation codes.  Users only need a username and password.
  • Friendlier device names in server side logs and license tracking
  • Offline support for Lucity Mobile for iPad®


The Offline support for iPad requires Lucity 2016 (all of the 2.0 apps have this requirement).  If you want to give Offline on iPad a try, make sure you turn on the offline cache in system settings.  By default it is off.  After turning it on and clearing caches, the system will automatically generate the new offline caches overnight.  If you cannot wait that long, you can manually request a cache update.  Keep in mind that updating offline caches is a database and processor intensive operation.

Offline mode supports GIS, dashboard, views, and forms for inventory, inspections, work orders, and requests. Inventory is cached and available while offline.  Existing work orders and requests are available offline too (configured based on dashboard plugin filters). Users can add and edit data offline for inventory, work orders, requests, inspections, tests, readings, and more. These offline features perform best on newer generation devices. This includes:

  • iPad mini™ (2nd Generation+)
  • iPad Air®
  • iPad Pro™

Other feature enhancements in this release for iPad and iPhone® include:

  • Display of feature layers using layer name instead of asset description to make it easier to figure out which layer should be searched when multiple layers are mapped to a single Lucity feature type.
  • Identify tool now remains active and does not revert to pan after using the tool
  • Date pickers now use an all day calendar which makes it easier to pick dates in previous years without scrolling

Check out these new mobile releases and updates and let us know what you think. Leave a comment below or if you have an idea for an enhancement, head over to Lucity Listens.

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Android, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

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