Sharpen Your Tools >> ACT16 Admin Track

Lucity administrators are some of our favorite people.  We love seeing them at ACT every year.  They provide us invaluable feedback on how to improve our software and we get to show off all the new backend features (and front end) that are important to a Lucity administrator.

This year in our administration track, we will be covering some core administrative training as well as showing off some of the new components and features.  There is great content for both new Lucity administrators as well as the more seasoned ones.

Here is a list of the sessions we currently have planned:

  • IT/App Admin Intensive:  Our App admin intensive is a three hour session which covers many key administrative interfaces in the Lucity application.  It is a critical session for Lucity administrators.  It will cover a few administrative features which have been around for a while and will focus specifically on new administrative interfaces you need to know about.  Some of the topics will include our new application security architecture and components, the new Identity Server, new features in managing user logins and passwords, managing scheduled processes, key system settings, administrative reporting, system components such as the document server and how it manages the transfer of files to and from your web servers, plus many other administrative items.
  • Configuring and Managing New Users: A primer on the Lucity security application.  We will go over users, groups, and permissions and how to use them effectively to manage application access for your users.
  • Options, Options, Options: An in-depth look at program options within Lucity.  Options are one way Lucity provides an application workflow that is customized to a client’s needs.  This session will go over most of the program options across the Lucity platform and provide a good background for Administrators.
  • Security and Risks: A presentation on security and risks you and your users will encounter across your enterprise.  This session is not specific to risks in Lucity, but will cover specific concerns for the Lucity Web and Mobile applications.
  • Dashboard Administration 14r2/15: This training is focused on clients who are still on Lucity 2015 and earlier.  It covers how to configure user dashboards using the Lucity Administration desktop application.
  • Dashboard Administration 15r2/16/16r2: Clients on or ready to move to newer versions of Lucity will want to attend this training on how to configure and manage dashboards in a WYSIWYG interface within the Lucity Web interface.
  • Views and Forms Administration: See how to create, configure, import, and manage Lucity views and forms using the Lucity Administration tools.  This session is application to clients on all versions of Lucity.
  • Mobile Intensive: An in depth session which covers all aspects of the Lucity Mobile application for the Android Tablet and Apple iPad and iPhone for an advanced user or administrator.  This session will be applicable to users of all versions of Lucity, although available functionality on the mobile applications will vary depending on the Lucity server version.
  • Lucity in the Cloud: Hear the details and information for how we can host your Lucity in the cloud.  This session will present details on how a cloud deployment of Lucity works and will provide answers to any questions you may have about this type of Lucity installation.
  • Lucity Import and Update: A basic training on how to use the Lucity import tools to bring external data into Lucity.  This session will cover how to configure the datasource, mapping the fields and using calculations to import the data, configuring sequenced imports, and managing errors and exceptions.
  • Work Flow Setup Training Basic and Advanced: Two sessions on work flow setup will be offered in the admin track.  The first will focus on the basics of the work flow setup modules including adding employees, equipment, materials, tasks, categories, and other work flow items.  The second session will continue the work flow setup training to cover additional features in some of the work flow setup modules as well as configuration of notification templates in the application and managing when notifications are sent.
  • New Sewer/Storm TV Import: The Lucity Import and Update program has been available as a new method for importing TV Import data since Lucity 2015.  In the future, all Lucity TV Imports will use these new Lucity Import and Update program TV import templates.  This session will go into detail how to manage TV Imports using this application.
  • Lucity REST API Basics: A session for developers and administrators which will provide a basic introduction into the Lucity REST API including how it can be used, what features it supports, and what considerations should be taken when developing with the API.  This session will cover some important changes coming in the future with the REST API for security and management of client applications.  It will also demonstrate a free template we provide for a custom citizen application.  This custom template is a responsive javascript application which works well on phones, tablets, and desktop browsers.
  • Lucity REST API Developer Intensive: For developers only!  This session will get into code and specific details about how to implement various features in the Lucity REST API.  It will cover samples and code in javascript as well C#.
  • Moving to One Database For SQL Server: Starting in Lucity 2015r2 we migrated all Lucity databases into one database for easier management and maintenance and to make it easier for us to add great features for you.  This session covers how the migration process works and will walk through a database unification process.  It will also discuss common concerns and issues.

These sessions might change between now and ACT and we probably will add new sessions before we finalize the agenda.  If you have any questions you can post them below, or send an email to For full ACT details, visit

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