Staff Spotlight >> Luke Savage

In celebration of his 5th anniversary at Lucity, we’re shining a spotlight on Luke Savage. Congratulations on your anniversary Luke!

Luke Savage, Client Services Consultant


My job title is…

Client Services Consultant

But here’s what I really do…

It really depends on the day and year.  You’ll notice me pop up from time to time.  To me and to Lucity, clients come first and I generally fill the gabs in client services.  In various ways, I support sales in new client system assessments.  Also, I help our help desk staff and work with implementers on an ongoing basis.  Recently, I’ve been writing specialized documentation that will help implementers and clients alike.  For Regional User Groups, I help in preparation and planning.  We look forward to Regional User Groups every year.  As for day to day operations, the list is astronomical but in every case I’m here to help our users and Lucity staff be successful in using Lucity and Esri Software.  For Lucity business partners, I’m a Liaison to Esri working with Jim Graham on the business partner relationship.  By the way, Esri and Lucity are doing well together.  We’ve grown closer not only technologically but also in business focus.  I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made in a few short years.

 I’m making a difference at Lucity by…

Being the workhorse where needed.

 I find my biggest (work-related) challenge to be…

Keeping up to speed with technology and Lucity changes.  I find it exhilarating and exhausting and the same time.

But the greatest (work-related) reward is…

Our clients and staff.  Everyone at Lucity loves to learn, rises to the challenges and works together really well.  Also, I find it very refreshing that our clients are eager to integrate new Lucity technologies.

My favorite part of my day is…

“Hey Luke; you available to talk to a client about their GIS and network?”   

One reason I love working at Lucity is…

Working as a Team; camaraderie, Passionate about making a difference, and fun to be around.  (both clients and staff).   


My ultimate goal in life is to…Love others and be loved.  It’s a great testament for success.

One album I could never part with is…Bon Jovi (New Jersey)

My favorite website is…

My odd superhero power is…Tech Fix it Guy

My favorite lunch spot is…Home (Chef Salad)

My favorite food is…Chicken Thailicious Pasta (Sliced Grilled Garlic Chicken, Alfredo, Fresh Thai Basil Leaves, Sun dried tomatoes, Chipotle Peppers in Mole sauce, Wheat Linguini, fresh carrots, and broccoli).

My pet is…Rex (my cat); short for T-Rex.  He was my medicine during a bought with Cancer.

My pet peeve or something I really dislike is…People assuming absolute truth.  There is always a way to do things better. 

If I could live inside one movie for the rest of my life, it would be…Step Brothers

One bad habit I can’t shake is…Playing Call of Duty Ghost

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