Staff Spotlight >> Trey Wheeler

In celebration of his 10th anniversary at Lucity, we’re shining a spotlight on Trey Wheeler. Congratulations on your anniversary Trey!!

Trey Wheeler (@LucityTrey)


My job title is…

Ambassador of Awesome – Though I’m ready for a promotion. Perhaps Venerable Awesome Incarnate. Y’know, just something humble.

But here’s what I really do…

Dream, Code, CTrey2reate. I establish best practices and support our client side development; Emphasizing maintainability and user experience.

I’m making a difference at Lucity by…

Conquering new platforms, enhancing the user experience, and empowering my fellow developers.

 I find my biggest (work-related) challenge to be…

I struggle finding balance between delivering quality vs just delivering. I always want to give users the best experience I can imagine, but sometimes we have to just get it done.

But the greatest (work-related) reward is…

Seeing excited clients at ACT or developers efficiently building atop frameworks I’ve established.

My favorite part of my day is…

When I have the opportunity to teach or guide another.

One reason I love working at Lucity is…

That we’re a people company; we always aspire to improve the lives of those we interact with, whether it’s each other or our clients.


My ultimate goal in life is to…To be lost in creativity, to never stop improving, while enriching those around me.

One album I could never part with is…Awesome Mix Vol. 1

My favorite website is…Gamasutra – I love picking apart game design

My odd superhero power is…[Redacted by S.H.I.E.L.D.]

My pet is…A strong, wise, playful, fierce, orc eating, fire breathing dragon… who likes to cuddle

My pet peeve or something I really dislike is…When individuals judge a group of people by the actions of a few.

If I could live inside one movie for the rest of my life, it would be…Serenity – “You can’t take the sky from me.”

My favorite quote or phrase is…“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

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