Lucity 2016 RUG Roundup

Thanks to everyone who attended one of the eleven (11) Lucity Regional User Group Meetings (RUGs) or nine (9) Lucity Univercity Bootcamp training sessions in 2016!  We had 425 attendees at the RUGs representing 84 agencies.  The bootcamps had a total of 309 attendees representing 43 agencies.  Many attendees came to both, giving us a final number of 637 unique attendees representing 92 unique agencies.

As I stated at each of the RUGs, this year was my first time attending.  I really enjoyed getting to know the attendees and hear their stories. I truly enjoyed the RUGs because it let me do some of the things that I love. I was able to:

  • Show off many of the new features that we included with our most recent 2016 release
  • Dialog with a room full of knowledgeable and interested users about their current pain points and determine some action plans to help make things better
  • See presentations by other agencies on how they were using Lucity or a 3rd party product that integrates with Lucity.  Actually, we could have had a few more of these but that is a topic for another time…

This was the first time that we had offered a Bootcamp training class either the day before or the day after the RUGs and it was well received.  The main focus of the Bootcamp was to make sure request call takers, supervisors, and lead workers understood the Lucity tools that are available to them and how a paperless work management system could/should flow.  Many of our clients are still using our desktop product to track both requests and work orders so the Bootcamp gave them a glimpse into how their world may change next year, the year after, or sometime in the near future using web dashboards and views/forms.  Since the Lucity Web Map and the Lucity Mobile products were also on featured, it was a full day!

If you attended one or both of these sessions, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!  While I know many of you cannot attend our Annual Conference and Training (ACT) in Orlando, I know that many of you are planning on coming to it as well and I look forward to seeing you again. We’ll be repeat the Bootcamp training class as a pre-conference workshop on Sunday, September 11th if you missed it or if you want to attend it again.

Thanks to all who made my first RUG experience such a success!

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