Sharpen Your Tools >> Client to Client Interactions

Every year at ACT, Lucity users have the unique opportunity to see how other clients from all over the country use the Lucity software and ask them questions directly.  We recognize how beneficial and important these interactions are, so we work to provide ample opportunities for our users to interact. We have come to rely on and stress the importance of these interactions for so many reasons. As clients get to know each other better, they tend to be more open with their questions during presentations, which makes for much more successful and beneficial presentations – everyone who attends benefits from these questions. As a comfort level between attendees is reached, there is a greater likelihood of honest dialog about best practices with regard to the Lucity software.

Personal relationships – and in most cases friendships – get established during the conference.  Beyond ACT, this provides attendees with a support group outside of their agency and outside of Lucity whom they can feel comfortable asking questions and brainstorming ideas.

Every year we include the following opportunities for networking:

  • A Welcome Reception on Sunday night
  • Hot breakfasts each morning in a large ballroom with plenty of room for mingling
  • Hot lunches each day in a large ballroom
  • Receptions following each day’s presentations
  • Tuesday morning walk/run

If you’ve attended ACT in the past, you know just how valuable these relationships can be. And for those of you attending for the first time, we can’t wait to introduce you to conference veterans and fellow newcomers! For full conference details, visit

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