Lucity Northeast Region Training Opportunities

Lucity is excited to bring a few of our most popular training classes to users in the Northeast region! Classes will be held October 12th and 13th at the Holiday Inn Clinton-Bridgewater in New Jersey.

We’ll be hosting three classes over the two-day period: Crystal Reports and Lucity, Lucity Bootcamp, and Lucity Admin Training.

Crystal Reports and Lucity >> October 12th – 13th

$500 per agency, max 3 people per agency

This two-day presenter-led class will show how the Crystal Reports software is used to modify existing Lucity reports and generate new reports from scratch.

We’ll discuss getting a copy of a standard report pointed correctly to your data to run outside of the Lucity environment. We will demonstrate adding and removing fields, adding tables and linking them, using formulas, sorting, grouping, plus adding summaries and parameters. Some of the more advanced concepts will include the use of subreports, graphs, cross tabs and variables. Lucity-specific issues will be pointed out such as adding the Comment to a report, showing linked Work Orders and Request, handling “child” and “grandchild” data and reports for use in the Web environment.

Lucity Bootcamp >> October 12th

$100 per attendee

This training is directed towards supervisors and lead workers to help them understand how all of the Lucity products fit together and how they can best take advantage of it on the day-to-day basis.  We will be training on the basics of the Lucity Desktop, Lucity web, Lucity Web Map and Lucity Mobile apps.   No previous Lucity experience is required but we believe that currently Lucity users will learn new things that will help them in their day-to-day work that they perform with Lucity.

This training will be a lecture based training (not hands-on) where we are going to be showing multiple scenarios of typical inspection and work based activities.  We will be explaining why the collected data is so important, how to best enter the data, how to effectively use GIS maps and tablets on a day-to-day basis.  We will also be explaining to supervisors how they can setup their dashboards in a manner that will help them effectively schedule their work.

There will also be time provided to ask questions regarding issues for which you are currently struggling, if any.

Lucity Admin Training >> October 13th

$100 per attendee

This training is directed towards administrators of your Lucity software.  Topics to be covered are

  • moving to the web from the desktop – creating dashboards and creating web views/forms
  • Discussing transitioning to the web and the importance of QA Dashboards
  • Reviewing the enhancements that have been released in Versions 2016 and 2016R2
  • Reviewing the Planning and Budgeting modules to track projected versus actual work performed.

There will also be time provided to ask questions regarding issues for which you are currently struggling, if any.

The deadline to register is Wednesday, September 21st. You can register using the form below and we’ll take it from there. We hope to see you!


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