ACT Opening Session Summary

The ACT16 Opening Session ended a bit ago and we wanted to share with ALL of you, not just attendees, some of the great info that was shared. We start every year with a presentation sharing a bit about us as a company, some information about the Lucity software, and details about our client services efforts. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Don Pinkston, Lucity’s President, started us off with a profile of the Lucity team. He highlighted our Client Advisory Board members – a fantastic resource for both Lucity and its users. He expressed gratitude to all the Lucity users who will be presenting this week…their Success Stories are invaluable.
  • We looked at a map of the home states of our attendees…including folks from Canada and Alaska. We appreciate the time you all took to travel to ACT!opening
  • This year marks ACT’s 17th year. Two of our attendees (and Advisory Board members) have attended every year!! Cheryl Carner, from the City of Overland Park, and Lisa Martin, from Sanitation Dist. No. 1 in Kentucky, have been with us every year…and they will tell you they continue to learn from each ACT.
  • Nicole Schmidt, Lucity’s Product Development Manager, updated us on current and future software development. She called the week of ACT her “most important week” of the year – she learns so much from interactions with users throughout the sessions. Some of the future development plans she shared were met with excitement…and applause!
  • Allison Tuttle, Client Services Manager, outlined what the Client Services Team was responsible for. This team is comprised of our Implementation Specialists, the Software Support team and our Documentation and Education team. She shared statistics from the Help Desk…from ticket response time to submitter satisfaction. Kudos to the Support team for continuing to impress our users!

We’re so excited for the rest of the week! We’ll post thoughts and follow-up notes here, so be sure you check back. If you have any questions, or want additional information about anything we’ve mentioned, please let us know.



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