Learning with Lucity >> Lucity + Crystal Reports

We know that understanding the unique relationship between your Lucity data and Crystal Reports truly brings the power of reporting to life. We’ve designed a two-day course for the Lucity Univercity to help intermediate to experienced Crystal users understand how this relationship works and how to manage web reporting.

This training is a presentation style class that is recommended for users who have experience working within the Lucity environment and have some previous experience with Crystal Reports.  Continue reading

Learning with Lucity >> Lucity Bootcamp

Part of our Lucity Univercity training offerings, this Lucity Bootcamp training course was one of the most popular we’ve offered…so many of you took advantage of the opportunity to brush up on your Lucity skills and even acquire new skills. We’re offering this course again this year, with a few added components.

This presentation-style class will cover the basics of using Lucity in the web environment and the mobile tablet environment. Continue reading

Learning with Lucity >> Lucity Admin

As part of this year’s Lucity Univercity series, the Lucity Admin course will be offered at a few cities this Spring. Designed for Lucity System Administrators and power users, this class will highlight creating dashboards, views and forms for web and mobile users as well as recent enhancements to the Lucity software. Continue reading

Regional User Group Meetings in 2017

We’re so excited to have plans for 14 Regional User Group (RUG) meetings over the next several months! We’ll once again be sending Don Pinkston, Lucity President, on the road to visit each of our regions. This is such a unique opportunity for both Don and our users – he gets to hear directly from you what you love about Lucity today and what you’d like to see in Lucity’s future. And from a user’s perspective, you get a captive audience…one who is directly involved in software development direction and planning. Continue reading

Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016, and Lucity 2016r2 SP1

This week we released Lucity 2016r2 SP1. The service pack includes a new dashboard import/export, a quick lookup for parts, and bug fixes. It also includes support for Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016.  It can be downloaded from our support portal for users with access to software downloads.

Updated specifications for Lucity 2016r2 can be downloaded here. Older releases of Lucity will likely also work with SQL Server 2016 but will not be tested and we will not be making fixes to support SQL Server 2016 in those releases. The database unification process included in Lucity 2015r2 will not be tested by Lucity on SQL Server 2016. If you intend to move to SQL Server 2016, we suggest you consolidate your Lucity databases first.

The Lucity 2017 release is expected to be released mid February 2017 and will also include support for Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016.