Learning with Lucity >> Lucity Bootcamp

Part of our Lucity Univercity training offerings, this Lucity Bootcamp training course was one of the most popular we’ve offered…so many of you took advantage of the opportunity to brush up on your Lucity skills and even acquire new skills. We’re offering this course again this year, with a few added components.

This presentation-style class will cover the basics of using Lucity in the web environment and the mobile tablet environment. We will be:

  • Demonstrating Web Dashboard functionality
  • Demonstrating Web Grids/Forms Maps functionality
  • Demonstrating Lucity mobile (Android and/or iOS) functionality
  • Creating, tracking and closing Requests and Work Orders will be highlighted along with the use of both the web map and the mobile map.
  • Performing field inspections from Work Orders as well as creating both Requests and Work Orders based on the results of the inspections
  • Demonstrating the various ways that the PM/Template module can help
  • Demonstrating the new web scheduling tool
  • Answering specific questions brought by users about how they can work more effectively.

For those of you who attended this course last spring, this year’s training has been updated as follows:

  • Removing references to the desktop product – we will exclusively deal in the web and tablet and their mapping components
  • Adding a larger section regarding PMs and specifically how they work – especially the new features that were added in Version 2016+
  • Incorporating some of the new functionality that has been included in Version 2016r2 and Version 2017.

Registration for this class is $200 per attendee which also covers the cost of the lunch. We’ll begin each day at 9:00am and finish around 3:00pm.

learnmorebuttonVisit the Lucity Support Center to see the full schedule of Bootcamp classes for 2017. We’re also offering two additional training courses: Lucity + Crystal Reports, and Lucity Admin Training. We’re also planning Regional User Group meetings around some of these training courses, so be sure you take a look at our full schedule of events when you’re making your plans to attend. We look forward to seeing you!

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