Regional User Group Meetings in 2017

We’re so excited to have plans for 14 Regional User Group (RUG) meetings over the next several months! We’ll once again be sending Don Pinkston, Lucity President, on the road to visit each of our regions. This is such a unique opportunity for both Don and our users – he gets to hear directly from you what you love about Lucity today and what you’d like to see in Lucity’s future. And from a user’s perspective, you get a captive audience…one who is directly involved in software development direction and planning. We’ve even included a little time in the agenda for some Dreamin’ with Don, something those of you who have attended ACT know all about.

Each RUG meeting will be comprised of Lucity presentations, user presentations, and networking opportunities. We’d love to include your story in our agenda – let us know if you’d be willing to share. There’s no need to prepare anything elaborate…just sharing a little about what you’re proud of can be exactly what one of your neighbors needs to hear.

There’s no charge to attend these meetings, but we do ask that you register if you plan to attend. We’ll be providing lunch so we want to make sure we plan accordingly.


For a full list of dates and locations (and to register), visit the Support Center or take a look our full events calendar. We’re bringing a few training classes along on the road too: Lucity Bootcamp, Lucity + Crystal Reports, and Lucity Admin training. We hope to see you this spring!

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