Looking Into Lucity >> January Issue

Welcome to the January issue of Looking into Lucity! We hope you’ve all settled into this new year and are off to a great start! We’ve got some exciting things planned and can’t wait to continue sharing them with you here. If you have questions on any of this information, please let us know.

First Look >> Lucity Version 2017

Join Jonathan Semones, Documentation & Support Lead, as he shares highlights of Lucity’s upcoming release. This is a free webinar, but registration is required. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, February 22nd at 12:30pm CST. If you’re unable to attend, we’ll share a recording of the webinar on the Lucity YouTube channel at a later date.

>> Register <<

Raising the Bar

As you all know, Lucity is always striving for that next level. From our efforts to continue enhancing our software support offerings, to incorporate new software features and tools, and to offer updated training courses that keep you informed, we’re always looking for ways to raise the bar. We know that our users have that same drive, the desire to set the new standard in terms of asset management. We are so passionate about this concept that we’ve adopted it as our ‘theme’ for 2017. Our efforts this year will all have a goal of helping you elevate your Lucity investment.

We’re excited to kick off a new video series, Taking it to the Next Level, within the work management category.  You can find the first video, focused on assets and work orders, at the link below. We’d love to know your thoughts on future videos and have created a spot on the Support Center for you to submit suggestions.

>> Watch Video <<

Learning with Lucity >> Lucity Univercity

We’re so excited to offer three of our proven Lucity Univercity training courses over the next few months: the Lucity Bootcamp, Lucity Admin training, and Lucity + Crystal Reports. You can learn all about these courses and what they’ll cover on the Support Center.

We know you all see the value in continued education, and our goal with bringing these courses ‘on the road’ was to make it easier for more of you to attend. This is a great supplement to your onsite trainings and to the training you’ll receive at ACT this Fall.

>> Learn More <<

Lucity Regional User Group Meetings

We’re hard at work on plans to co-host (with our users) 14 Regional User Group (RUG) meetings over the next several months! We’ll once again be sending Don Pinkston, Lucity President, on the road to visit each of our regions. This is such a unique opportunity for both Don and our users – he gets to hear directly from you what you love about Lucity today and what you’d like to see in Lucity’s future. And from a user’s perspective, you get a captive audience…one who is directly involved in software development direction and planning. We’ve even included a little time in the agenda for some Dreamin’ with Don, something those of you who have attended ACT know all about. And the time you’ll spend networking with users in your area is invaluable.

>> Learn More <<

WebEx Browser Extension Vulnerability >> Patching Recommended!

Lucity has been a long time user of WebEx and we frequently use it to host meetings and connect to customer systems to provide support. Last week Cisco released a critical security advisory concerning a remote code execution vulnerability in their browser extensions. (Click the link below for full details.)

If you have ever joined a session with one of our staff, or the staff of another vendor who uses WebEx, you likely have one of these browser extensions on your computer. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers on computers running Windows are all affected if these extensions are present. You do not even have to be in an active WebEx session for the vulnerability to be exploited.

Cisco released patches for all three browsers yesterday that address this vulnerability and we recommend that you apply the appropriate patch(es) in your environment soon. Chrome and Firefox should update these extensions automatically, but it’s worth checking. Please reference the advisory for more detailed information about the vulnerability as well as the steps you can perform to confirm you are patched.

>> Learn More <<

Have a suggestion for a topic you would like to see covered next month?  Let us know!



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