Lucity 2017 is Now Available

We are very pleased to announce that we released Lucity 2017 this week.  It is available for download from the Lucity Support Portal.  Check out our release notes for a full list of changes.  Here are some highlights:

Lucity Views are New and Improved

Brand new for the Lucity 2017 release, the views and grids in Lucity no longer use Silverlight and have a fresh look and feel plus some new functionality.  Most modules have a relationships button that lets you easily navigate to related data in other views.  In addition, we have added support to show a Work Order Task grid in addition to the Work Order grid on many modules.  We also added a search function which provides a search across all columns in the view to help you rapidly find records you need.  For more enhancements in the new views, check out the release notes.


ArcGIS Pro Enhancements

The Lucity ArcGIS Pro extension has three new tools: Merge, Split, and Renumber. All of these support multiple inventory types, and the Renumber tool supports processing many records at once. There is also now a Lucity Process Log. Much like the Lucity Process Log in ArcMap, the ArcGIS Pro version shows real-time processing and provides helpful information for troubleshooting.


Lucity Import and Update

Lucity now allows for greater processing and control.  Users can now import data from Web Services, schedule Imports directly within the user interface, launch external processes both prior to and after processing import data, track data that has been imported, download files from FTP sites, and import at our SaaS clients.  With these additions it is possible to even update third party systems based on the data imported into Lucity.

Mobile Improvements

Be on the lookout for a new mobile release announcement for the Android tablet, but there are a couple of new server features that will work now if you are using the Lucity Mobile application for iOS or Android.  In both applications, you will now see almost every tool available in the web application.  Your mobile users now have the same power as the web users while out in the field.  In addition, we streamlined street name displays in mobile views so that you can see more information at a time.  Street names show in a single field instead of spaced across multiple individual fields.

Features for Lucity Administrators

We added a few features we think Lucity administrators will be excited about in this release.  The Lucity Web admin portal now allows you to clear caches or refresh the mobile offline cache directly in the web application.  Plus, a new feature available is a broadcast feature* that allows you to send a message to all Lucity users currently logged into the web application.


In addition, we now support a scheduled automated import to keep your LDAP directory in  sync with Lucity.  Instead of adding and disabling users one at a time, you can automatically keep the Lucity user store up to date based on an LDAP query.

Lastly, a new feature is available in the web and mobile applications that will log anytime a user deletes a record in Lucity.  This log entry contains the user, date and time, as well as a snapshot of the record deleted.  By default this feature is off, but can be turned on in System Settings in the Lucity Admin Portal

*See Lucity 2017  known issues article for an issue we are currently evaluating which may affect this feature.

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