Goodbye to the Lucity SOE

Lucity version 2017 will be the last release offering the Lucity SOE option.  Starting with version 2017r2 (Aug 2017), all Lucity to GIS edits must be made using feature services.

Why are we retiring the Lucity SOE (Esri’s Server Object Extension)?  A lot has changed on the ArcGIS platform since we first released the Lucity SOE.  More and more clients are taking advantage of the flexibility and functionality available with feature services.  Plus, Lucity can provide updates to your GIS environment without the need to install any Lucity component to ArcGIS Server.  It is an out of the box solution that is easy to implement.

For those of you that are still using the Lucity SOE, you may want to consider switching over to the feature service option prior to upgrading to version 2017r2.  You could wait until you upgrade to 2017r2, but then you are introducing some downtime as you configure Lucity with your feature service(s).  As long as you are on version 2014r2 or later, the feature service option is available.

More information on the Lucity functionality available with feature services can be found on this blog post.   We also offered a session at last year’s ACT dedicated to working with feature services which provides an in-depth look into the various capabilities and can be found here.  If you have any questions or would like more information on transitioning from the Lucity SOE to feature services, feel free to contact Lucity support.

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