Performance Hotfix Available for Lucity 2017

Today we released a hotfix for the Lucity Web application that improves performance for users on Internet Explorer 11 who are on Lucity 2017.  It also includes several bug fixes which affect users on all browsers.

This hotfix disables the ability to customize colors in Internet Explorer.  Color customization is still supported in other browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. We currently have no plans to re-enable color customization for Internet Explorer in future releases.  The performance impact of allowing dynamic colors is too high for Internet Explorer.

The additional fixes included in this hotfix are:

  • Drill down items on data drills on the dashboard will now open in the custom configured view.
  • Show in map now works properly for inventory and inspection modules.
  • Windows Authentication when using a hyperlink from an email or Share With Others works better.
  • Quick Reports now respect the applied filter.
  • Work Order scheduler will now open the correct Work Order view.
  • TV Graph now displays PACP type instead of code.
  • Timesheet refresh button will now display.
  • Grids will honor the defined grid size from the grid design.

There are two hotfix installers.  One is for the Lucity Web application and the other is for the Lucity Web REST API application.  These two applications are always on the same server (your Lucity Web server).  If you need assistance or have questions about how to install the hotfix, please contact Lucity support.

If you have downloaded the Lucity 2017 installer but have not yet installed, we recommend you download the updated installer which includes the hotfix.

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