The Ultimate Feedback Loop

90% of all digital data is unstructured. That means it’s slow to reveal trends, not ideal for forecasting, and full of insights not yet discovered.

With predictive analytics, you can unlock your data’s true potential. Lucity and Assetic have partnered to unveil the “Ultimate Feedback Loop,” a solution that helps municipalities—and all companies in general—get great cost-savings benefits and achieve maximum service levels in their asset portfolios, on both tactical and strategic levels.

On June 13th at 11am CDT, Lucity and Assetic will be co-hosting a live webinar. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage existing ArcGIS and Lucity data to develop health checks on all your assets and view Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP) targets via various funding scenarios
  • Create lifecycle treatments, complete with cost-benefit analyses and timing projections
  • Develop appropriate Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) across your entire portfolio
  • Feed this data back into Lucity to inform your short-term and long-term maintenance strategies, creating the ultimate feedback loop

Ready to become an asset hero? Register for this live webinar on June 13th at 11am CDT. If you’re unable to attend, or if you’d like any additional information, contact Raj Patil, Lucity’s Partner Program Manager, at

About Assetic

Assetic empowers leaders to find better ways of building and sustaining the structures and services that connect us all. The most advanced strategic asset management platform, Assetic reveals opportunities to improve performance and save millions via decision analytics, with scenarios visualized and quantified in seconds. ISO55000-aligned and easy to implement, use, and integrate, Assetic software helps organizations overcome budget challenges with creative solutions to increase service levels on the ground.

About Lucity

Lucity, Inc. develops and supports the comprehensive LucityAM™ suite of integrated commercial off-the-shelf products as infrastructure asset and work management solutions for public sector organizations in the U.S. and its territories, Canada and other international regions. Agencies use LucityAM to meet their demands for management of assets, customer requests and work orders, preventive maintenance, resources and inventory, best practices and regulatory compliance. LucityAM is designed for deployment with the Esri® ArcGIS platform for mapping and spatial analysis, and its asset-centric architecture is built to directly leverage the authoritative GIS data of an organization.

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