Lucity Org – Responding to Growth

We are pleased to announce some important moves to best address Lucity’s growth to date, and realize our optimistic outlook. New titles and refined responsibilities have been assigned to the following key personnel.

  • Jim Graham, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Nicole Schmidt, Vice President – Product Development
  • Allison Tuttle, Vice President – Client Services
  • Joel Knight, Vice President – Business Development
  • Chris Crupi, Director – Sales & Accounts
  • Raj Patil, Director – Strategic Partnerships & Marketing

We have also redefined our geographic “Sales regions” in the US, for which our Account Managers will be primarily responsible for 1) sales of LucityAM products and Lucity services to our target market prospects and client community, and 2) on-going client relationship management. These Sales regions and assigned Account Managers are:

  • West – Jarrod Gerbaud
  • Mountain – Chris Crupi (interim)
  • Midwest – Andrea Fowles
  • Northeast – Joel Knight (interim)
  • Southeast – Joe DeVito

Raj Patil will continue to take the lead for developing Lucity’s international business opportunities.

We are very excited about Lucity’s future as LucityAM continues to evolve and improve, we enable our clients’ success through effective and responsive services, our strategic partnerships strengthen, and we expand our markets (US, Canada and beyond).

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