The {NEW} Lucity Legacy Award

Last week at our Annual Conference & Training (ACT) we introduced the Lucity Legacy Award and recognized three recipients during our Plenary Session. We’re so excited about the opportunity to recognize some members of the Lucity family, and we wanted to share some highlights with you.

The Lucity Legacy Award was developed to shine a light on individuals or organizations within the Lucity family who continually demonstrate a desire to raise the bar. The recipients of the Lucity Legacy Award are leaving an impact on their organizations, their teams, or their communities and we are proud to acknowledge and celebrate these accomplishments. Award recipients will be recognized annually at our Annual Conference & Training, and a plaque of recognition will hang at Lucity Headquarters.

Our award recipients this year include one individual user and two organizations. The individual chosen this year has been a Lucity champion since her organization’s implementation began. She has continually pushed for early adoption of LucityAM software releases and new tools within her organization.

Unfortunately, her plans changed thanks to Hurricane Irma and related recovery efforts and she couldn’t join us at ACT, but please join us in congratulating Lisa McCall, Systems and Applications Manager for the City of Lakeland, Florida!

The first organization we’d like to recognize completed their initial implementation of LucityAM this year. Throughout implementation they were fully engaged and committed to working as a team with Lucity’s Implementation Specialist, Clint Martineau, to ensure a successful implementation and launch. This level of commitment is critical to a successful adoption of Lucity and sets the stage for future successes as well. We’d like to recognize the City of Bothell, Washington, and congratulate them on such an impressive implementation!

Our final category of recognition relates to product development. Lucity’s success is related to the design feedback and suggestions we receive from our user community. So many of our users contribute to our product offerings and enhancements that we found it hard to choose just one agency to recognize! We’d like to give honorable mention to two organizations before we announce our recipient. The City of Traverse City, Michigan, was instrumental in helping us turn our Project Management module a CIP tracking system. Thank you! Clean Water Services in Oregon provided extensive assistance in documenting a number of Industrial Pretreatment enhancements for us.

Thank you! We’d like to present the Lucity Legacy Award to Gwinnett County, Georgia, for their help in developing our new Request Feedback system. Thank you!

Congratulations to all of our award winners!

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