Lucity Announces Strategic Partnership with Assetic

Lucity, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with Assetic to offer “Predictor”, a powerful asset analytics solution supporting life cycle costing and strategic asset management. With operational (tactical) inputs from the LucityAM™ system driving life cycle (strategic) outcomes through Predictor for work plan execution in Lucity – our combined solutions power the “Ultimate Feedback Loop” in predictive decision making. Together, they help asset management organizations – public and private – achieve optimum service levels in their asset portfolios, on both tactical and strategic levels.

“This partnership offers our users a highly mature and integrated platform upon which to easily turn their wealth of operational data into realistic life cycle outcomes and service levels.  By making it a routine affair for them to quickly analyze and visualize the data captured, users are able to be more responsive to the needs of their customers and the health of critical public infrastructure they strive to maintain,” says Raj Patil, Lucity’s Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Assetic founder Ashay Prabhu commented on the benefits of this partnership during Lucity’s Annual Conference and Training (ACT) Plenary Session in September in Kansas City. “This partnership with Lucity we take really, really passionately because finally we now have the ability to use the power of CMMS data, to use the power of history, to use the power of GIS analytics, to be able to predict and significantly reduce the infrastructure gap without spending more capital or maintenance money,” Prabhu says.

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About Assetic

Assetic empowers leaders to find better ways of building and sustaining the structures and services that connect us all. The most advanced strategic asset management platform, Assetic reveals opportunities to improve performance and save millions via decision analytics, with scenarios visualized and quantified in seconds. ISO55000-aligned and easy to implement, use, and integrate, Assetic software helps organizations overcome budget challenges with creative solutions to increase service levels on the ground.


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