Staff Spotlight >> Brian Treff

In celebration of his 20th anniversary at Lucity, we’re shining a spotlight on Brian Treff. Congratulations on your anniversary Brian!

Brian Treff, IT Director


My job title is…IT Director

But here’s what I really do…Cloud Architect, Systems/Network Administrator, Project Manager, General Problem Solver

I’m making / hoping to make a difference at Lucity by…Providing the technology and tools that our employees and customers need.

I find my biggest (work-related) challenge to be…Time!

But the greatest (work-related) reward is…getting to work with the excellent staff here at Lucity

My favorite part of my day is…brewing that first pot of coffee in the morning

One reason I love working at Lucity is…Pancakes with Pinkston each month


My ultimate goal in life is to…live a long one and relish the little (and big) things in life.

My favorite website is…where would we all be without Google?

If I could learn to do anything in the world, I’d learn to…ride a unicycle

If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is…Retire!

When I’m not at work you can find me…flying through some of the finest singletrack mountain bike trails in the KC Metro area

If you wanted to buy me a drink, make it…just about any IPA beer

My favorite vacation destination is…If there are mountains, I’m there.

My mantra or personal philosophy is…Failure is not an option


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