Lucity 2018 is Now Available

We are very pleased to announce that we released Lucity 2018 this week.  It is available for download from the Lucity Support Portal.  Check out our release notes for a full list of changes.  Here are some highlights:

Lucity Forms have a new Look

In Lucity 2018, Lucity started transitioning the old style forms into a new modern forms interface.  It includes many enhancements including auto-complete, undo and redo, and a more touch friendly interface.

The forms conversion is not feature complete, however.  If your agency uses some of the features we have not added, it is easy to switch everyone back to the old forms.  We will be hosting a webinar on February 28th to discuss the new forms.  Join us and get more information plus give us some feedback on what you think!

Global Edits in Lucity Web

The hottest feature in the Lucity Listens has been Global Edits Support in the web.  We are very happy to announce it’s release with Lucity 2018 with even more features and more update-able fields than were ever available before.  The new global edits can be run with or without data validations and calculations.  It can be run on selected records or a filter set, and if the process is time intensive, it can be automatically offloaded to the Lucity Services for processing so as not to dominate resources on the Lucity Web servers.

Improved Data Export from Lucity Web

The Export to CSV tool got a major overhaul in this release.  It has so many new features, we decided to rename the tool to Data Export.  Some of the new things you can do with this tool include:

  • Choose to export any fields in the module, not just the columns in the grid
  • Saving that customization to rapidly use the column set in the future
  • Download the file immediately instead of waiting for an email
  • Export directly to Excel

Custom Forms Per Asset

Select modules in the Lucity application now support different forms for different assets in the same view.  For example, if the inspection form for a pump varies from the inspection form for an air handler, you can configure the system to open different inspection forms even in the same inspections view.

This is done by assigning an asset class to the asset and mapping asset classes to special forms designed for that specific type of asset.  The assets which support this new feature are:

  • Equipment Inventory
  • Fleet Inventory
  • Sewer and Storm Structure Inventory
  • Storm Conduit Inventory
  • Custom Inventory
  • All Valve, Vault, Pump, and Pump Station Inventory modules

ArcGIS Pro Enhancements

The new release of the Lucity ArcGIS Pro AddIn includes new tools for configuring domains, forcing synchronization of features, QA/QC, and more editing data management tools.

New (again) Editable Resources Grid

Back by popular demand, the Lucity 2018 release includes a new editable resources dialog that provides editing of Work Order resources in an all-in-one page dialog using the same features available in the standard Lucity editable grids.  This grid is not enabled by default, but can be turned on in the Work Order Task grid button configuration in Lucity Admin.

Web Map Improvements

Many new enhancements were made in the Lucity Web map for this release.  One of the enhancements is the ability to control which layers are select-able in the map. In addition, it is possible to control exactly what layers have a popup if you are using Esri webmaps.

In addition to this, the split module view in the web map will now synchronize selection between the grid and the map.

Check out the release notes for more features added for the Lucity Web map.


It was a busy release for us.  There are many more enhancements not discussed in this blog post, but a few last (highly requested) items deserve a mention:

  • Lucity can now automatically create work orders for your requests on a problem by problem basis (or on demand).
  • A new suite of fiber optic modules were added for this release
  • System Assembly Component: We have new fields in the Work Order Task module that allow you to specify a hierarchical asset component for a work task.
  • Support for integration with the Esri Citizen Reporter integration.
  • Users will no longer get prompted for login when viewing properties of a layer in ArcMap.
  • It is now easy to change your view on the fly.  If you have multiple views created for a single module, swap between them rapidly while in the view by selecting clicking the “Change View” menu option.

Check out more details on these enhancements and more in our release notesSign up to attend our webinar on some of these new features. We’ll be presenting live on February 28th at 1pm CST.

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